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Operations Jobs

Effective professionals working within operations know the ins and outs of their organizations systems. This allows them to improve speed and effectiveness within the system. People skills, collaboration, communication, organizational skills, timeliness, conversation facilitator, the ability to work within a team and manage people are highly valued in these roles. Operations professionals should be aware of new tools they can implement to increase the effectiveness of their work that will create lasting impacts on the efficiency of the company.

People working within operations must make sure everything is running efficiently, is improving, and meeting the needs of the clients and the company. They may also be responsible for strategic planning, creating goals, managing projects and teams while working closely with management. Operations professionals are expected to identify the path that is needed to move forward and progress the business. They also have the know how to organize and manage a project, can create SOPs and SOWs. When looking for a new role in operations, the ability to communicate how you have improved systems in the past and helped make your last employer more profitable is highly valued.

Types of jobs

  • Operations Manager
  • Director of Operations
  • Operations Analyst
  • Team Leader
Experience Average Salary
Entry Level $48,996
1 – 3 Years $49,998
4 – 6 Years $58,081
7 – 9 Years $63,978