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Massive List of Free Online Classes, Courses, and Learning Resources

To keep you busy during the quarantine, we’ve gathered a list of free online classes, eBooks, learning tools, and things to do. As many of us settle into mandatory quarantine or are embracing responsible self-isolation, the question of ‘what should I do with all this time?’ is on many of our minds. Although there seem

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How to Work Remotely from Home

Here are three steps to succeed when working remotely. In these crazy times, we decided to create this article to help those who are looking at how to work remotely. We consider three fundamental things you have to keep in mind to start… Finding a Remote Income  Setting Up Your Workspace Staying Productive When You

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Remote Hiring Guide: Creating a Video for Your Job Description

We’ve found that another way to help your position stand out and increase the quality of applications is to add a video to your job description. Now creating a video for your job description isn’t as scary as it sounds, so don’t let the idea of recording a video daunt you! This process can take

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Remote Hiring Guide: Remote Job Description Template

It’s sometimes tempting not to worry about having a detailed job description and decide to cut corners on this part of the hiring process. In our experience, this will actually end up costing you more time and lead to other frustrations too. Poorly prepared job descriptions lead to the wrong types of candidates applying, the

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Remote Hiring Guide: The Hiring Process and Timeline

Here at Dynamite Jobs, we help clients hire remote team members all the time. We’ve seen so many clients hire, but we’ve also seen them either keep or let go of the new hires (sometimes after just a few weeks!). We understand how hard it is to hire remotely, especially for entrepreneurs hiring their first

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Working Abroad: Everything You Need to Know

In the past, there were severe restrictions in place with regard to where people could work from, but these days there is a lot more flexibility. As a result, many people decide to work abroad, particularly if they have the freedom of being a freelancer or work for a company with a flexible remote work

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