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The main duty of a professional working within social media management is to create and execute a social media marketing plan. This plan needs to expand the presence of your company on various social media channels, increase brand recognition, improve reputation and the connection with customers through these channels. A professional will also be able to identiy which channels are best for the company’s growth based on factors including but not limited to the brand of the company, the service or product offerings, and the target market.

To know this plan is effective, working within social media management requires the ability to set realistic goals that are aligned the goals of the company as well as set and measure KPIs. The social media marketing strategy should include promotion, engagement, and a conversion strategy. Social media marketing can be viewed as a funnel to gather and convert leads, increase brand and product awareness, or a method to communicate and connect with customers. Professionals must be able to communicate with management the ROI of their strategy, have significant knowledge of social media management tools and software, be able to create content as well as editorial and content calendars. Candidates who have built out and successfully managed campaigns that led to continued growth are most attractive to employers.

Types of jobs

  • Social Media Manager
  • Social Media Coordinator
  • Social Media Specialist
Experience Average Salary
Entry Level $40,575
1 – 3 Years $43,986
4 – 6 Years $53,656
7 – 9 Years $57,416
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