Success Stories

Dynamite Jobs is a matchmaking service.
We are actively working with candidates and companies to help them find the right fit.
Below are some of the experiences of companies and candidates we’ve helped match.

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Vallerret Photography Gloves

It's the first place we go to find new hires! The applicants are highly skilled and highly targeted meaning we don't need to filter through the trash to find the gold. The team at Dynamite Jobs make this whole process of finding new talent really easy. It's a big deal and risk bringing on some new to join our small team so it's a huge benefit to have the Dynamite Jobs team behind us through this process. We have hired 2 personnel here and will continue to do so in the future.

Carl van den Boom, Founder

AMZ Pathfinder

Dynamite Jobs helped us to advertise for our previous two hires, a native German speaker and a native Spanish speaker. It simplified the process for us in a huge way! As a PPC agency working fully remote it is fundamental we are reaching reliable and trustworthy people. The listings are high quality and the outreach put us in touch with interesting and relevant individuals who had already been pre-screened. We had great candidates lined up and the positions filled in half the time it would usually take. Alex and the team are super friendly and pleasant to work with. They took the hard work out of our hands and went to every length to fill the positions. We can’t imagine hiring without utilizing the service from Dynamite Jobs and would recommend it for anyone on the hunt for their next team member!

Laura Mellor, Client Communication and Operations Manager


Dynamite Jobs was able to help me hire for two management level remote positions in a simple and fast manner. The service and quality of candidates were better than many other hiring sites. Their team prepared the job descriptions, gathered the candidates, and prepared the top ones for me to review, and even conducted video interviews. I highly recommend this service if you're hiring remotely. The next time we need to hire we'll be calling Dynamite Jobs again.

David Hauser, President

Dynamite Jobs helped me find more than just my next position, it gave me the ability to find a company I could call home. Through the simple and transparent application process, I was able to find jobs that aligned with my values and clearly believed in the remote work culture. Moving through the interview phases was smooth thanks to prompt communication and there was a real sense of care coming from the Dynamite Jobs team. Applying to jobs and interviewing is a stressful, time consuming and outdated task, but Dynamite Jobs made the whole process enjoyable and I wouldn't hesitate to use them in the future, for hiring or applying! The companies looking to hire on Dynamite Jobs know that getting a satisfying job is about much more than money. By working for a company you find on Dynamite Jobs you are much more likely to feel that your work is highly-valued, to grow your skillset, to develop your self, and to be excited about the impact you're making (in addition to comfortable pay). I couldn’t recommend them any higher. If you’re looking for a job I can’t think of any reason not to give Dynamite Jobs a go.

Aimee Slade, Head of Operations

Essence of Email

Dynamite Jobs turned out to be our best solution to our problem. We were in the need of a high managerial role, and their effort and dedication were a success after just 4 weeks. We highly recommend them if you are looking for a recruitment agency that dedicates the best of their team to you.

Iskra Sekulovska, Chief Operating Officer

Whole Life Entrepreneurship

A big thanks to Dynamite Jobs for acting so quickly! My past experience when I ask for help finding employees has been that it take a long time to find someone and the normally don't work out. Not so with Dynamite Jobs! They were able to line up the perfect match to my unconventional need in 2 days! Crazy. Don't use Dynamite Jobs unless you want quick results and are ready to go now. These guys don't mess around. I look forward to building a location independent workforce with Dynamite Jobs as my very own talent scout!

Adam Anderson, CEO

Dynamite Jobs is an incredible service that introduced me to a life-changing business opportunity that I’m incredibly grateful for! Because of their deep connection with the Dynamite Circle group they can connect you with some of the most interesting & inspiring entrepreneurs in the world. The companies looking to hire on Dynamite Jobs know that getting a satisfying job is about much more than money. By working for a company you find on Dynamite Jobs you are much more likely to feel that your work is highly-valued, to grow your skillset, to develop your self, and to be excited about the impact you're making (in addition to comfortable pay). I couldn’t recommend them any higher. If you’re looking for a job I can’t think of any reason not to give Dynamite Jobs a go.

Eric Campbell, Head of Marketing

Domain Magnate

This was my best hiring experience so far. After helping craft a good job listing, Dynamite Jobs also preselected and screened the candidates, making it much easier to find the best fit. The data was presented in a comprehensive manner. The candidates were so good I ended up hiring several people, instead of just one!

Michael Bereslavsky, CEO

It may sound cliche, but there are no words to describe just how incredible Alex and the wonderful Dynamite Jobs team really are. How different my life would of been had they been around 10 years ago when I began this remote journey of mine. But to have found them even this late in my career has turned out to be one of the greatest things to happen to me. Alex would send me only the most relevant jobs on a regular basis and every single one that he sent me was a perfect fit. After great opportunity after great opportunity, I was finally able to find the cream of the crop of them all and settle on it. To say that I’m happy would be an understatement. Alex is knowledgeable, caring, and very astute to your needs and really is fantastic in every way. The job opportunities found with Dynamite Jobs are far superior than any other job site out there and it’s not even close. You go with DC Jobs, you will land the job or your dreams, guaranteed.

Andrew Bradshaw, Deal Flow Manager

I love the listings on! The descriptions are always so clear and detailed. I definitely know whether each listing is right for me or not. Every listings seems incredibly well thought out too. I know that the employer understands exactly what they are looking for and they have a system to find it. That makes me feel so much more comfortable going through the process and knowing that I am not wasting my time by applying, filling out the questionnaires, and going through the interviews. Listings on other sites are rarely this clean. Also, the others sites have too much junk to sift through to get to the one or two listings that fit me. The site itself is definitely cleaner and easier to use than the others as well. I love how I can instantly check and un-check the boxes and the listings appear and disappear accordingly. You would think that all sites would be using this design by now, but nope! Too many job sites feeling clunky and cluttered. Their UI/UX feel like they haven't updated since 2004. When I started, I searched through a few different sites. Eventually, I got sick of using them and stuck with

Tom B., Deal Flow Manager

Performance Foundry

As a fully remote and distributed company, Dynamite Jobs has been a perfect match for much of our recent hiring. As a small and growing business, the level of recruitment knowledge Alexander and the team provides has been invaluable to the whole process - from sculpting the job listing to shortlisting candidates. It’s saved workload and calendar time with every hire, and we’ve now got a growing number of happy team members introduced to us by Dynamite Jobs.

Craig Martin, Managing Director


We had great experience hiring through DJ. The service and support provided by DJ team was excellent, the process of getting our job add live was super smooth and easy. Applicants from DJ are always relevant for remote job positions, they are active and eager, which is exactly what we need as a startup.

Lena Solis, Founder

I was able to find a fully remote Community Manager position with a great team spread across the globe. I couldn’t be happier and it wouldn’t have been possible without the efficient and personalized platform that DynamoAds provide. Transitioning into the remote working world can be a really daunting task and DynamoAds made the process great with interesting and relevant job ads! Thank you so much for helping me on my journey.

Martine Smit, Community Manager

Leather Patch Company

This is way more than a job board. You can tell Dynamite takes the time to connect high-quality job opportunities with high-quality candidates and to build a community of trusting individuals who enjoy working together. I’ve found some great companies to work with through here and couldn’t recommend it more.

David Green, Web Developer


Alex and the DynamiteJobs team were a great find. We attracted lots of quality candidates and eventually were able to recruit a valuable asset for the company.

Bogdan Chertes, CEO

Working with Adfix has been a great 2 and a half month so far. The team is made up of really skilled, amazing individuals. The best way I could describe them is that they're akin to a swiss army knife, they know so much and go beyond their typical expertise. Always learning and always getting sharper! Bogdan is also a big part to thank, he sees the value in each team member expanding their knowledge beyond just their job description and is always there to help out if need be. Dynamite Jobs has been active in emailing me weekly and sometimes every few days with recommendations that fit my profile best. It's amazing how the recommended jobs actually fit my profile really well, this is more than can be said compared to a lot of the other remote job sites. I think you (Alexander), have been on top of these recommendations too, props to that! Also, thank you for continuing to send recommendations my way, I've been sharing it to a bunch of people that I believe may be interested in these jobs. I'd definitely be returning to Dynamite jobs in the future when I'm on the hunt again. "

Faruq Ammar, FB Ads Specialist

My Consulting Offer

The Dynamite Jobs team prepared my job description for their site and was able to work with my hiring process. The job received applications from some of the of the best talent they had in their database. The Dynamite Jobs team gathered the applications and did the pre-screening that saved me a lot of time. I ended up hiring the candidate they recommended. The DJ team knows my company and continues to send me recommendations on who might be a good fit.

Davis Nguyen, Founder

As I made the transition to a remote career, I was overwhelmed by the multitude of job posting sites I had to choose from. By coincidence, I found Dynamite Jobs and was immediately impressed with the opportunities available on their site as well as how everything was organized. I took a questionnaire indicating my job preferences, and was sent personalized emails including opportunities that fit my background. Through this process, I ended up landing a job with an amazing online company where I am now - thanks to Dynamite Jobs! I've already recommended this platform to friends and will continue to do so in the future.

Siobhan McCarroll, Project Manager & Digital Marketer

Greenbelly Meals

Dynamite Jobs did a great job at what they are designed to do - provide a great list of highly qualified applicants. In less than two weeks, Dynamite Jobs had sorted through a long list of applicants and delivered us a pre-interviewed shortlist of recommended candidates. We ended up hiring someone from that list and couldn't be happier with him. Highly recommend.

Chris Cage, Founder

I came to the Dynamite Jobs after hearing about the DC community from a few friends, then on the Tim Ferriss podcast. Searching for a new job, I knew I didn't want to go back to corporate, and instead, wanted to work on an exciting project with a fun team. Dynamite Jobs was filled with such opportunities. Startups, solotrepreneurs needing an extra hand and the like. You notice the difference right away. The job applications are different. There's less fluff and you can tell right away the people on the other end of that screen are similar to you. They are young, energetic and value having a vibrant lifestyle. The ideas on which they built their business are innovative and in line with the time we live in. Dynamite Jobs gives you privileged access to uniquely interesting people and meaningful work.

Benjamin Pages, Digital Marketer


Working with Alex and the team at Dynamite Jobs has been the most incredibly rewarding experience of my career in terms of seeking a new employment opportunity. They are extremely personable and truly work to help pair you with exactly the right fit and also do a great job of vetting potential employers so the boards are not full of spam and junk listings like all of the other sites working in this space. I cannot recommend them highly enough and am eternally grateful for the opportunity that I have found. Thanks SO much Dynamite Jobs!

Scott Thomas, Customer Success Manager

Greenback Expat Tax Services

This was the first time I'd used Dynamite Jobs (I hadn't even heard of it) to search for a remote position. I'd used all sorts of other sites to find decent remote positions that suited what I was looking for in a company and also my experience, but I knew something was different here when the Dynamite Jobs staff took the time to communicate with me instead of treating me like a number. The follow-up emails I received were clear and I knew what was going to happen next should I move on. Easily the most efficient interview process I've experienced in a long time, but I have to admit, I do not want to have to use them for a looong time:) I've been in my current position with Greenback Expat Tax Services for over a month now and am enjoying it so much!

Tim Hillebran, Sales and Customer Onboarding Specialist

My experience using was very positive. I found a great employee quickly, with little mess or fuss. It was valuable to have an expert guide me through the process and help me find the best fit for my company. Highly Recommended.

Sean Markey, Owner


I'm so happy to have found Dynamite Jobs during my search for a remote job! The quality of the listings are excellent, and the amount of new jobs posted daily rivals any other remote jobs website. The in-depth vetting of the companies really helps you narrow down which positions might be a great fit for your skill-set. I was most impressed by the personalized guidance I received once I was in the interview process, that was something I had never experienced before!

Andy German, Technical Support Specialist

Dynamite Jobs has been an awesome resource for our agency. When we needed to hire a technical support specialist, they worked with us to develop an appropriate job description and screening process, and they did an excellent job of bringing in high-quality candidates for the job. We look forward to working with Dynamite Jobs again as our team continues to grow.

Leighton Taylor, Owner

Zeda Labs

Dynamite jobs helped me seal my absolute dream job! The team were super helpful, the jobs on here are like nowhere else!

Craig Schoolkate, Copywriter

Next Ventures

Dynamite Jobs has saved me countless hours in the hiring and vetting process. Before working with Alex and the team, I'd looked for the right people on just about every freelancer marketplace under the sun - Upwork,, AngelList, Facebook Groups - all to no avail. The quality of candidates on DC Jobs is significantly higher, thanks in large part to their rigorous QC process. We've made three hires from one post, and those employees are now lynchpins in our business. Can't speak highly enough of this service.

Dan Fries, Founder of Next Ventures Group

I am very grateful for a company that provides an absolutely amazing service like DynamiteJobs. They were a critical element to my success in the job search. Their personalized process of uniquely curating opportunities that fit my skills is virtually unmatched, and have both benefited me and my employer. More power!

John Go, Digital Marketing Project Manager

Vallerret Photography Gloves

I've been with Dynamite Jobs since their beginnings. Sure I was a bit sceptical back then, knowing how 'things work' when you search for a job, especially on services which offer remote jobs and promise to connect you with the best opportunities. What's different about DJ is they actually have good listings from various employers that are verified. The DCer 'badge' is an obvious plus. The remote jobs are really remote, also something I've noticed and it's been a source of frustration on other job websites - often the remote listings turn not to be such at all. What was a huge plus for me, in the beginning, is that you have various listings from different fields in one place - especially useful when you're still searching and not exactly sure what would you like to do, or you aren't specialised in one thing. You can just simply test yourself and see what's out there, what's the demand for. I like that you can actually talk to a human there! Sounds like an obvious and normal thing, but one could not be more wrong. Most of the services don't really care as much as they make it seem so...You get to talk to a person, who is actually willing to help you just as much as they are helping employers. And it doesn't stop when you actually find a job. They are as much for the feedback as to continue helping if you need it. I did get a job via DJ and am still looking for new possibilities and they are being extremely helpful with it. I've been recommending DJ to all the people I hear are searching for new jobs or are thinking of a career change. Definitely one of the best services I've seen and used so far. Thanks, Dynamite Jobs Team!

Anna Brychkadzinska, Customer Support Manager

Fly Almost Free

I'm a huge fan of Dynamite Jobs. Having listened to the TMBA podcast for a number of years and having a hole to fill in my finances, I thought I would check out the site to see what roles are available to fit my skillset.There were interesting jobs being posted really frequently, and then I connected with a member of staff, Alex, who really held my hand through the process and was super supportive. It was a top notch service and experience, and a company I will be using again should I need more remote work.

Sam Neter, Growth Lead

Scissor Tech

This is my first experience on a remote job position, I appreciate a lot your newsletter and the jobs published On Dynamite are real. I found this position as SEO Specialist after a month that I started to use Dynamite Jobs portal. So thank you!

Andrea Martino, SEO Specialist

Lower Street

I feel really good about getting started with Harry and the Lower Street team—they and the position seem like really good fits all around. I’m fairly new to the Dynamite Jobs ecosystem; I’ve had watches on some job keywords for maybe a couple of months? This was only the second job I applied for. I’ve been looking for part-time work to fill in around my main freelancing business, so my requirements were pretty specific. I very much appreciate Dynamite Jobs and what you all do. This site is built for freelancers and solopreneurs because the companies hiring in this space have a similar ethos. It’s great for finding long-term partners who need part-time remote work, which are harder to find on other job sites that mostly offer either full-time traditional jobs or one-off freelance projects.

Jim Cirigliano, Content Manager

MaidThis Cleaning

DynamiteJobs has become our go-to source for hiring remote talent. We previously hired mainly from Upwork or Outsourcely, but the process of filtering and evaluating all of the candidates was way too tedious and time consuming. DynamiteJobs is the perfect mix of a recruitment agency and job board...its exactly what we need to help us hire efficiently and with the least hassle possible. And on top of it, the talent on DynamiteJobs is wayy better than we've found on other job boards. Would highly recommend.

Neel Parekh, Founder

Dynamite Jobs is where I found my latest/greatest gig with MaidThis Cleaning. The jobs board, updated daily, is different from other remote job sites because of the level of personalized involvement and care they have for those who sign up: I receive custom emails from Alex and team specifically referring me to new postings that match who am I as a candidate. On top of this, they have more Customer Service jobs than many remote jobs sites out there. Thanks Dynamite Jobs!

Rey Stec, Customer Happiness Manager

About Dynamite Jobs I can say that I do like the way you guys classify every job offer into a category, letting us know if the employer has a specific requirement about the timezone, a clear and user-friendly website (highly appreciated), also the fact that Dynamite Jobs keeps subscribers well informed when new offers come up. But I think that what I liked the most was the simplified application form, it was super easy to apply, pretty straightforward. Dynamite Jobs made my experience as smooth as possible. You're killing it! Keep doing what you're doing!

Ariel Carrero, Daily Operations Coordinator

I had been listening to TMBA for some time now since moving to Panama. I had been starting to look for a remote position but not too intensely. I didn't really think it would be possible for me to find one. However, I knew a remote job would be perfect for my lifestyle. I saw the Maid This job post on Dynamite Jobs and it seemed like a really good fit. I had been looking at other remote job sites but found the credibility of Dynamite Jobs and response from the company I applied to to be the most appealing aspects. Other remote sites lack a feeling of authenticity and don't always seem like there are real companies with real people on the other side.

Melissa Mazurkewicz, Daily Ops Coordinator / Scheduler

I want to start by saying it was a long journey. I have been searching for a remote job approximately for the last 5 months filling applications here and there on different platforms with no luck. When I found Dynamite Jobs for the first time I did a deep search and finally found what I was looking for. I applied and in 3 days I heard from Neel. The journey was finally coming to an end. Thank you Dynamite Jobs.

Eduardo Linares, Daily Operations Coordinator

Dynamite Jobs connected me with a remote employer who was looking for the skills and experience I have. I've worked remotely 95% of the time since 2001, and Dynamite Jobs effectively pulls together employers who don't need to be sold on the benefits.

Scott Fisher, Managing Editor


We loved working with Dynamite Jobs. They made the job listing process extremely quick and easy on our end, but more importantly they delivered really high quality candidates they had already vetted themselves. What's different about Dynamite Jobs in our experience is that the candidates they selected all had a strong entrepreneurial spirit which is exactly the attitude we were looking for in our first hires. They helped us add two people to our team in a very short time and we'll use them again in the future.

Pietro Saccomani, Founder

Dynamite Jobs saved me a bunch of time during my job search by sending positions that were relevant to my skill set and experience. With other job sites, I had gotten used to digging through tons of listings that weren't relevant - not the case with Dynamite Jobs.

Matt Meinzer, Technical Support Specialist


Hey Dynamite Jobs, Just wanted to thank you for the fantastic work you do curating opportunities with awesome companies. It's been an invaluable resource. I had a set goal to work with SaaS, and was able to do just that by using your job board. I accepted a position as a Support Engineer at OneSky, a translation and localization platform. I'll continue to recommend and use Dynamite Jobs for future opportunities. Keep up the great work with Dynamite Jobs and of course TMBA!

Ryan Dan Coleman, Customer Success Engineer


We needed to hire a Marketing Manager and we were blown away by the quality of applications we received. We wish we could have made room for several of the candidates. All the candidates had a great "pitch" on why they would be great for our remote position which made a world of difference just see communication style and culture fit. This was by far the best job listing experience we've ever had...keep it up and thank you so much!

Jeff Root, Founder


I would highly recommend Dynamite Jobs to any business owner that is looking to fill a remote position. You get tapped into a community that is already educated on the benefits of working remotely and has some level of business experience. It took about 5 days for us to get connected with our eventual hire, who is going to be an amazing addition to our team

Jacob Brown, CEO

Media Shark Publishing

Dynamite Jobs made it super easy for me to go through the hiring process. I came in without knowing exactly what I needed and they helped me through the whole process to find a great fit. They crafted a compelling job listing, got plenty of great people to apply, and made it very easy for me to see the most qualified candidates by updating a spreadsheet with data and rankings on each candidate. I highly recommend them for anyone looking to hire remotely.

Josh Kelly, Owner

I live near Los Angeles, where, as of 2017, the workers average 53.68 minutes of commuting every day. For those of us who have had to drive that type of commute, working remotely is a dream. Thanks to Dynamite Jobs, I can live that dream with my job at Media Shark Publishing! Dynamite Jobs offers legitimate remote-work jobs from qualified employers and I highly recommend it to all of my friends.

Charles “Chad” Kime, Bookkeeper

Strohmeyer Law PLLC

Dynamite Jobs was a huge success for me! While I was expecting it to be a like many job sites, where I’d get an application or two every week, I ended up with many qualified candidates in a few days. We were able to cull the initial applicants down to three final candidates, and ultimately one hired one within a few weeks. But it wasn’t just *any* candidate—we got one who had qualifications and experience we didn’t think we could find in the job market. Going forward, we’ll be using Dynamite Jobs to find our remote workforce.

John Strohmeyer, Owner

Like every other remote worker struggling to earn a living in the gig economy, I signed up to every remote work jobs board there is. However, Dynamite Jobs is the only remote work platform that gave me the opportunity I needed. The detailed job description and requirements helped me to craft a successful application and after a few more little steps, I landed a job as a content editor. Thank you Dynamite Jobs!

Briana Walsh, Content Editor

My experience with DJ was nothing short of amazing! Highly professional and very responsive they helped me differentiate myself so that I could get my dream job. The process in itself was fast & seamless, DJ lined up everything for me along with a great deal of support as well as encouragement (thank you, Lina!). They kept me posted on my progress and have been incredibly communicative and proactive. Lina offered me specialist advice and valuable insight into how I can make a better impression for my interview. It sure worked wonders because I got hired in less than a week! Dynamite Jobs, THANK YOU for helping me find my dream job and for helping me grow both personally and professionally!

Kassandra Obreja, Business Manager