Top 9 Signs You Shouldn’t Work Remotely

on 01/31/2019
    • 1. You aren’t self-motivated. The only way you’ll work on anything is if your manager directly assigns you a project or task.
    • 2. You have questionable time management skills. Admit it – you require adult supervision to get anything done.
    • 3. You are kind of lazy. If your boss wasn’t sitting 10 feet away from you right now, you’d be watching Netflix at your desk.
    • You aren’t tech savvy. When you have a problem with your laptop, your first thought is time to email your IT guy to “fix it” instead of “googling the problem.”
    • 5. You have no idea what Zoom is or basic video call etiquette.
    • 6. The idea of being measured based off OKRs or KPIs is terrifying. You don’t even know what these acronyms stand for.
    • 7. You prefer a cushy, butt-in-seat job over working in a fast-paced environment with lots of ambiguity.
    • 8. You have never used any of these tools before – Slack, Trello, Asana, Teamwork, Hubspot CRM or Toggl.
    • 9. You think remote work is just an extended paid vacation where you can get paid to slack off on the company’s dime.

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