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Administrative Jobs

Virtual office management requires organization, attention detail, and team work. It is essential in these kinds of roles to fully understand how the organization works and all the different connecting factors. Although you won’t have to know how to do everything in the company, you will want to know why these factors are necessary and making sure everything is communicating well. It is your role to make sure things don’t fall through the cracks and assisting in any manner that will make sure the team is successful. Some of the duties include delegating tasks, scheduling and arranging meetings, travel planning, responding to emails on behalf of team members and light bookkeeping.

Some companies will require more hours and responsibilities than others. You role may require you to help multiple teams or just work directly with one person. Having experience will help you more easily land a job but many of these roles can be done by an entry level person as long as you have experience with a variety of software, you communicate well, and are a team player. Those roles are generally paid hourly and can be part or full time.

Types of jobs

  • Virtual Assistant
  • Virtual Office Manager
Experience Average Salary
Entry Level $30,000
1 – 3 Years $35,000
4 – 6 Years $43,000
7 – 9 Years $50,000