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Writers need to be able to provide consistent content on a weekly and sometimes daily basis. Creativity and article ideas that relate to the company’s industry and are specific to the target market are highly valued. Professional writers should have experience with blog writing, copywriting, product descriptions, and being able to write content that draws in leads to their company. Having experience with different web platforms such as WordPress and Wix is also a plus.

Jobs are usually paid hourly or by the article. Quick learners and professionals who have expertise in the company’s industry will be desired by employers. Professional writers are able to communicate the value of the company’s service or product in a compelling manner. They can also develop a strategy to ensure these pieces communicate a strong message and can guide the buyer along their journey. Writing professionals are highly organized and able to share progress with their team and management. Professionals who have an awareness and knowledge of the different channels and platforms their work will be shared on are able to craft their work to fit these platforms and best speak to the target audience.

Types of jobs

  • Content Writer
  • Blogger
  • Copywriter
    Experience Average Salary
    Entry Level $30,000
    1 – 3 Years $35,000
    4 – 6 Years $43,000
    7 – 9 Years $50,000
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